Navy 28 Sailors Synthetic Marijuana

Navy 28 sailors synthetic marijuana, navy 64 sailors for drug use- Twenty-eight Navy sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan are being discharged after they were caught using Spice, a designer drug that mimics the effects of marijuana, the Navy said on Monday.
This comes one month after the Navy said it was discharging another 64 sailors, most of them from the USS Carl Vinson, for using Spice and other drugs.

"The Navy's policy on drug use is clear, it is zero tolerance and our personnel are made very aware of it from the start," said Lieutenant Beth Teach, spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy Third Fleet.
"Drug use puts lives at risk, and it cuts into our readiness and safety," she said.
It was not immediately clear when the 28 sailors who are being discharged used Spice, or how exactly they were caught.
Teach said it was still early in the investigation, and she did not provide details on the ages or ranks of the sailors.

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