Passengers Kicked Off Planes

Passengers Kicked off planes, With flights soon to be heavily booked with holiday travelers, here's a roundup of famous and not so famous folks who have been forcibly deplaned by airline attendants.
Leisha Hailey kicked off plane

Flight path: Baltimore, Md., to St. Louis, Mo.
What happened: "The L Word" actress was escorted off a plane after kissing her girlfriend. kicked off Southwest   + leisha hailey,
Airline response: No gender discrimination here southwest airlines + Leisha Hailey + behavior not gender,
Billie Joe Armstrong kicked off plane
Airline: Southwest

Flight path: Oakland, Calif., to Burbank, Calif.
What happened: The Green Day singer got the boot for inappropriate attire. kicked off plane Billie Joe Green Day,
Airline response: The incident was resolved after the airline reached out. Southwest Airlines reaches out to apologize to Billie Joe Green Day,
Colyar kicked off plane
Airline: United

Flight path: Dulles, Va., to Los Angeles
What happened: The "Barbershop" actor/comedian got into an altercation with an airline attendant; he blamed racism. What were they arguing about? michael colyar overhead bin,
Airline response: The airline stated it had "zero tolerance" for racism. global airline diverse colyar zero tolerance for racism
Gerard Depardieu urinated
Airline: Air France

Flight path: Paris to Dublin
What happened: The French actor urinated in front of other passengers after being told he couldn't use the restroom.
Airline response: What Air France confirmed. Air France Depardieu urinated charles de gaulle,
Crying on a plane
Airline: Southwest

Flight path: Oakland, Calif., to Dallas
What happened: A woman got kicked off for crying. woman kicked off Southwest airplane  for crying. Airline response: The airline decried the story Southwest Airlines response +  verbal altercation with flight attendant,
Muslim woman kicked off flight
Airline: Southwest

Flight path: San Diego to San Jose, Calif.
What happened: A flight attendant thought she heard a woman who was wearing an Islamic headscarf voice a threat. muslim woman it's a go,
Airline response: An apology (but they’re still being sued). southwest airlines apologizes to muslim, muslim woman sues southwest,  
Whitney Houston
Airline: Delta

Flight path: Atlanta to Detroit
What happened: The diva refused to buckle up before takeoff. Whitney Houston refuses to buckle seat belt on Delta Flight,
Josh Duhamel
Airline: US Airways

Flight path: New York City to Kentucky.
What happened: The "Transformers" star wouldn't turn off his BlackBerry. josh duhamel + kicked off US Airways flight + refused to turn off Blackberry,
His response: The actor said he learned his lesson, josh duhamel apology  + lesson learned, 
Kevin Smith "too fat to fly"
Airline: Southwest

Flight path: Oakland, Calif., to Burbank, Calif.
What happened: The"Clerks" director was forced off because he didn't fit in the seat.
Airline response: Its "heartfelt" blog. kevin smith  + Southwest Airlines + sincerely sorry blog + heartfelt apologies,
kicked off Spirit Airlines Mitchell Roslin kicked groin
Airline: Spirit

Flight path: New York City to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
What happened: A passenger became irate when he couldn't get a drink for his pregnant wife. mitchell roslin kicked off plane + cabin overheated,
Airline response: The family violated federal law and behaved badly. kicked off Spirit Airlines Mitchell Roslin kicked groin,
toddler tantrum san jose
Airline: Southwest

Flight path: Amarillo, Texas, to San Jose, Calif.
What happened: A mother and her 2-year-old son were kicked off the plane when she couldn't stop him from yelling the same two lines repeatedly. "Go! Plane! Go!" "I want Daddy" Pamela Root,
Airline response: An apology was issued. Pamela Root Southwest Airlines apologized $300 travel voucher,
Ivana Trump kicked off plane
Airline: Delta

Flight path: Palm Beach, Fla., to New York City
What happened: Donald Trump's ex got booted for exploding in anger on a plane. Whom did she swear at? ivana trump swearing at children,
Sheriff’s office response: Trump was escorted off the fligh. ivana trump + Delta didn't prosecute ,