Catherine Zeta-jones Paid $20 Million T-Mobile 2006

It has been revealed that Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has topped the list of product endorsing celebrities.

CZJ was paid a massive �11.2million to be the face of T-Mobile in America.
The highest earning celebrity endorsements are as follows:
1 Catherine Zeta-Jones �11.2m (T-Mobile)
2 Angelina Jolie �6.7m (St John)
3 Nicole Kidman �6.7m (Chanel No 5)
4 Jessica Simpson �4.2m (Guthy-Renker)
5 Gyneth Paltrow �3.4+m (Estee Lauder)
6 Charlize Theron �3.4m (Dior)
7 Julia Roberts �2.8m (Gianfranco Ferre)
8 Brad Pitt �2.2m (Heineken)
9 Scarlett Johansson �2.2m (L'Oreal)
10 Penelope Cruz �2.2m (L'Oreal)