Coconut the poodle

Coconut poodles are the classic combination of white chocolate and macadamia nuts that you already
know, but with the addition of an unsweetened coconut layer.

I arrange fresh macadamia nuts into clusters on a cookie sheet and then drop a tablespoon of homemade, soft, chewy caramel over them. When the caramel cools, I spread a thick layer of tempered white chocolate on top, then I individually hand-dip these pups into shredded unsweetened coconut for that sweet ‘primped’ poodle look. (it tastes great too!)

I use Camino’s Organic Fair Trade dark brown sugar for my caramel so they have a stronger, very flavourful taste that you just can’t get with caramels made with refined white sugar. it's like the difference between apple juice from concentrate and unfiltered apple cider straight from the farm.

The caramel is made with real butter and organic cream. I use organic nuts where and when I can. All mud puppies are made to order so they arrive for you as fresh as possible.

Convo me if you would prefer a different nut or a different chocolate. (These guys are also very tasty done in dark chocolate with the coconut on top - check out the last photo)

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