Fox broadcasts suicide

Fox News earlier today showed a man committing suicide following a car chase on live TV. They were streaming footage live, and kept on the suspect after he left his vehicle, quickly followed by his final decision.
Reporting breaking news is an important function of any news organization, from the Amarillo
Globe-News to Fox News Channel, and car chases are among breaking news television stations often report live.
Sometimes, though, there are consequences for getting the information out instantly.
As the scene unfolded in the final minute, the FNC anchor made several references to the unpredictability of the situation, but the video didn't stop until the suspect had shot himself.
The anchor, after the incident, was seen pleading with his staff to discontinue the feed, and he appeared to be watching a tape delay.
There was obviously no tape delay before the viewing audience saw it.
Carefully reporting breaking news, with some caution and, in this case, a short delay in live footage and what is broadcast, is essential to keep incidents such as this from happening.
Do you think Fox News should have exercised more caution during this car chase to avoid broadcasting a live suicide on national TV?