Jerry Jones glasses

Jerry Jones is a gazillionaire who owns the
most valuable football franchise in the NFL. Therefore, he simply can't be bothered by menial tasks like cleaning his own glasses.  That's what he keeps his son-in-law around for. Jones made a handful of appearances during NBC's telecast of the Cowboys-Giants season opener on Wednesday night, but the most peculiar came late in the second quarter. That's when cameras caught Jones in the owner's box hobnobbing or threatening to fire the head coach mid-game or whatever it is NFL owners do during games. A man behind him, one of Jones' presumably thousands of lackeys many assumed, was wiping down a pair of glasses. When those lenses were spotless, the spectacles were handed back to Jones. The initial assumption, naturally, was that Jones is so filthy, stinkin' rich that he even has his own glasses-cleaning guy. However, the real story is even better, if you find awkward in-law encounters funny. USA Today points out that the man cleaning Jones' glasses was none other than Shy Anderson, the owner's son-in-law.  It's an unfortunate piece cameo for Anderson, who is married to Jones' daughter, Charlotte. However, living is probably pretty good for Anderson, being married to the Cowboys owner's daughter and all. Just trying to keep up with the Joneses.

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