Jersey Shore ban

What would “Jersey Shore” be without public drunkenness and the resulting outrageous behavior? If
the Mayor of Florence has his way, we may find out – but will the show survive?
When the popular TV show starts filming in Florence, we may see a lot more laundry, working out in the gym and tanning sessions. It’s all because the mayor of Florence, Italy, Matteo Renzi, has laid down the law. He has drafted a set of rules that The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, JWoww and their cohort will have to abide by.
The first target of the list of rules is alcohol consumption. The cast can’t be filmed drinking in public or in bars or clubs that serve alcohol. This is because the mayor has no intention of allowing Florence to be promoted as a drinking town. He has stressed that the show must be filmed to promote Italy’s culture and food. However, that will also be made difficult by the fact that they are banned from filming in the city’s historic buildings too.
So there will be no shots of a naked and drunken Snooki checking out the package on Michaelangelo’s David. Never mind, Snooki, the guy is buff and his tan would need serious work. Maybe they won’t care, though, being paid their six figure salary no matter what restrictions are imposed upon them, as long as the show lasts.
With a public alcohol ban and no filming of the famous and beautiful landmarks allowed, what will there be left to see of either Florence or the “Jersey Shore” we know and love (or hate)? Do you think the Mayor of Florence is right to impose these restrictions and will you be watching the new season of “Jersey Shore” as they either behave within these restrictions or put their efforts into flaunting them?