John Mayer ponzi scheme

In a bizarre turn of events, John Mayer has been sued in connection with a Seattle Ponzi scheme.

The "Waiting for the World to Change" singer has been named in a lawsuit as having received as much as $465,000 in dirty money from the crooked plot.
Earlier this year, Darren Berg was sentenced to 18 years in prison for bilking investors out of over $100 million through his investment company.
Officials in charge of recovering the money are now trying to trace its path for the investor victims.
According to legal documents, the 34-year-old singer received funds from Berg when a booking agency was paid by the crook's company.
The booking agency, Grabow & Associates, and John are being pursued for the recovery of the $465,000.
However, Mr. Mayer's lawyer tells TMZ, "John Mayer performed at a corporate event in 2008 and was paid for his services. The opportunity was brought to John through his talent agency, CAA.”