Kirk Douglas donation

 Anne and Kirk Douglas given $20 million to the Motion Depiction and Box Fund’s battle goal of
$350 million in one of the chief recent donations to the fund.
The role was announced Monday, a dozen days after Rupert Murdoch made a $20 million donation to the fund. Barry Diller contributed $30 million in June.
”When it comes to benevolence, there is no one who I have accepted more or cultured more from than Kirk Douglas and so to be able to make this periodical today with Anne and Kirk is such a fantastic privilege for me,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, who’s bearing the MPTF battle. ”MPTF has had no stuck-up acquaintances than the two of them.”
The donation was made owing to The Douglas Foundation, which the couple founded in 1964.
”When Anne and I were deciding how much to give to MPTF this year, we looked again at the wide range of air force the Fund provides,” Kirk Douglas said. ”Then we doubled our pledge! Of course, my very believable friend Jeffrey Katzenberg gave us lots of encouragement. We will expand Harry’s Haven, our Alzheimer’s unit, with a part of the new donation. And I’m sure the Board will use the rest where it is most needed.”
Kirk Douglas also said in the proclamation that he and his wife hope that their gift will inspire more giving. The MPTF has now raised about $250 million — or better than two-thirds — of its $350 million goal.
Katzenberg and George Clooney unveiled the $350 million battle in February in order to raise funds to help the charitable programs and health and social air force as well as child care and retirement care air force to entertainment biz members.
Clooney noted last month that with more than 75,000 diligence members likely retiring over the next 10 years, the battle is aimed at ensuring that the MPTF will remain a ”vital” part of the safety net of care at a time when state and centralized programs are coming under stress.
Above and beyond Clooney, Diller, Douglas and Katzenberg, other donors to the battle unveiled in February have built-in Steve Bing, Tom Cruise, Fox Entertainment Group, David Geffen, Michael Lewis, Jerrold Perenchio, Todd Phillips, Joe Roth, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Steven Spielberg, Thomas Tull, Casey Wasserman and John and Marilyn Wells.
The MPTF has been rebuilding since its January 2009 periodical that rising costs amid the depression would force it to close its long-term care unit, which had 136 patients at the time, as well as its acute-care sickbay.
The MPTF faced a hail of evaluation over the past three years over that declaration, with some questioning the fund’s stanchness to its stated goal of ”taking care of our own.”
Though, before this year, the MPTF told it would start admitting new patients for the first time in three years, going from 29 patients to as many as 40. It also announced before this year that it was launching a ancient psychiatric unit on its Forest Hills campus in link with UCLA Health System and its Resnick Neuropsychiatric Sickbay.
The MPTF gift from The Douglas Foundation is one of five recent pledges announced by the foundation. The other four will help the the Anne Douglas Center for Women at the Los Angeles Mission; the Center Acting Group’s Kirk Douglas Acting in Culver City; the Sinai Temple in Westwood; and the Kirk Douglas Erudition fund at St. Lawrence Academe.

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