National Playdough day

Happy "Birth-Doh!"... PLAY-DOH® Brand Modeling Compound Celebrates 50 Years of Shaping

To commemorate the nation's most beloved modeling compound, Hasbro, Inc. invites kids and adults across the nation to celebrate National PLAY-DOH Day on Saturday, September 16th. This year marks an extra special National PLAY-DOH Day as the beloved compound celebrates its 50th birthday. PLAY-DOH, the modeling compound that has been a childhood rite of passage since 1956, is responsible for 'molding' millions of young artists, sculptors and creative minds. National PLAY-DOH Day was created to honor the childhood staple that continues to captivate the imaginations of millions of children across the globe.

"Every year we look forward to celebrating National PLAY-DOH Day. It's a great opportunity to honor a brand that has held a special place in the hearts of millions of Americans," said Leigh Anne Cappello, vice president of marketing for Hasbro's Preschool Brands. "We are extremely thrilled to celebrate this year in particular as it is the 50th anniversary of the compound. What better day to honor the fact that, even in our high-tech world, kids still enjoy rolling out PLAY-DOH snakes, mixing colors and making PLAY-DOH animals."

There are an infinite number of ways children can celebrate National PLAY-DOH Day. Gather the whole family around for a PLAY-DOH compound sculpt-a-thon. Construct an awesome volcano, complete with mountain and lava all made out of PLAY-DOH or build a bowling alley with your very own PLAY-DOH mini pins and a mini-bowling ball. With PLAY-DOH modeling compound, the creative possibilities are endless. For more creative uses for PLAY-DOH compound log onto

As part of the year-long celebration, PLAY-DOH brand also invites kids nationwide to let their hair down, hop in the barber's chair and get a new 'do for National PLAY-DOH Day! PLAY-DOH has partnered with Snip-its, a national hair salon chain made just for kids. Families are invited to take part in the hair-raising festivities by visiting any of the 47 participating Snip-its salon locations to enjoy fun-filled, in-store PLAY-DOH-themed activities and the opportunity to enter the "Celebrate with Style Sweepstakes," where one lucky family will win an exciting, vacation to Beaches Resorts - the Caribbean's #1 ultra all-inclusive luxury resorts for families.

New PLAY-DOH birthday-themed product will allow kids to turn any time into a special occasion. The PLAY-DOH BIRTHDAY PACK BUCKET helps youngsters create the ultimate party, while the PLAY-DOH 50 COLORS gives children an endless number of creative options with 50 different-colored cans of compound, including six new colors! The birthday-themed products have an approximate retail value of $9.99 and $12.99, respectively.

Other PLAY-DOH items available this year include the FUZZY PUMPER® CRAZY CUTS playset, an updated version of the wildly popular FUZZY PUMPER BARBER & BEAUTY SHOP playset introduced in 1977 that allowed kids to "cut" and "comb" the boy or girl character's PLAY-DOH hair. The toy is available for the approximate retail price of $9.99. Available now, the PLAY-DOH CREATIVITY CENTER playset gives "young artists" a fun working space to create, while making mom happy that PLAY-DOH time is contained and easier to clean-up. The CREATIVITY CENTER is available for an approximate retail price of $29.99. Also, PLAY-DOH ACTIVITY MATS make clean-up a snap with reusable or disposable easy-to-clean mats made especially for PLAY-DOH play time. PLAY-DOH ACTIVITY MATS come with six PLAY-DOH colors and are filled with fun activities. They are currently available for $9.99. Each toy is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Also in celebration, the PLAY-DOH Web site,, recently re-launched with new features for kids, parents and teachers. On the site, adults and children can browse products and learn fun facts about PLAY-DOH. A new "Fresh Ideas" section supplies step-by-step instruction on how to make PLAY-DOH flowers, a rainbow and many other items, designed for novice and more advanced PLAY-DOH artist. "Fresh Ideas" helps any PLAY-DOH user become a master sculptor and creative hero.

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