New iphone 5 release date

According to a report just published in TechCrunch, Apple has finally scheduled their special event for
September 12th and it looks like the new iPhone 5 is coming! The September 12th Apple event has long been rumored and just a few days before its going to happen gets confirmed.

In addition to confirming the Apple event for September 12th, we also know the exact date that the iPhone 5 will be available in stores. The in-store iPhone 5 release date will be September 21st. This was confirmed by looking at the vacation blackout schedules for AT&T and Verizon employees. The iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order on September 12th.

Knowing Apple, I would expect a few surprises mixed in to this major September 12th event. For now, here is everything that we know about the upcoming iPhone 5 which will most likely be dubbed “the new iPhone.” Although look at the shadow of the invite, looks like a ’5′ doesn’t it?

iPhone 5 Release Date

We can FINALLY confirm iPhone 5 release date is on September 12th at a major Apple event and expected to hit stores on September 21st. This would make the iPhone 5 available for pre-order on Sept. 12. iOS 6 is also expected to be released at this September iPhone event. We have also heard a rumor of a new mini iPad being released this fall along side the iPhone 5 release date.