Octomom new house

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids finally have a place to call home.
After her LaHabra, Calif., home went into foreclosure, multiple landlords rejected her application to rent a home, according to TMZ.
However, Suleman recently landed a houses in Palmdale, Calif., which includes five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a three-car garage and a 14,000 sq. ft. backyard, TMZ reported.

The backyard is said to feature a gated pool and spa, with a slide and a gazebo.
Octomom nabbed the place for only $2,150 a month, but she had to pay eight months of rent in advance to secure the home, plus put down a giant deposit. Most of the money that was used to buy the family house came from her porn video, the site reported.
Renting is Octomom's only option since she does not have enough money to pay for a mortgage. Before the purchase of her Palmdale home, Octomom was afraid her and her children would be homeless.
It is also possible she had to do this because of her reputation. Her past applications were rejected because landlords did not want to subject other residents to the media chaos Octomom brings.
At the end of July, Octomom was so strapped for cash that she set up a page on GoFundMe.com, where she asked fans to send her money through the Internet. She hoped to raised, $150,000, according to the site.
Octomom went on welfare back in March claiming she needed financial help to feed her family, which then resulted in the controversial mom receiving death threats, TMZ reported. But in June she chose not to renew it because she made enough money from stripping.
Octomom and her 14 kids plan to move in to their new home shortly.
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