Paula Deen blooper reel

 The queen of Southern cuisine curses up a cordon bleu streak in a “blooper reel” — dropping the swear words “motherf--kers” and “shee--t” as often as she drops lard and bacon grease in her frying pan.

At one point in the expletive-packed video, the Food Network star declares a dish smells like a “stinky coochie.”
“You ever smelled a stinky coochie?” the host of “Paula Deen’s Home Cooking” asks a person off screen. “I know you have.”
In another part of the video — which consists of outtakes and bloopers from her show — Deen fumbles around the kitchen to the sound of someone passing gas.
She even pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair shortly before declaring, “My ass ain’t pretty no more!”
The curse-happy cook suggestively describes one gooey concoction as “just a syrup that’s gonna stick our balls together.”
Deen yells “crap” over burned mashed potatoes, then disses her own cooking, exclaiming, “That’s about the nastiest meatball I’ve ever tasted!”
She gave the two-minute reel to a group called Celebrity Chefs Tour so it could be shown as an introduction to her appearances at a series of live cooking events.
But the tour operators decided the foul film was more fit for a Friars Club roast than a family-themed cooking demonstration and refused to show it.
“We found it to be unacceptable because it’s certainly not family content,” said Gary Ravet, president of Celebrity Chefs Tour. “We wouldn’t play something like that for a live audience.”
The video became a major part of a legal fight between Deen and the promoters after she backed out of the 10-city tour.
The newly reformed butter baroness — who now cooks healthier dishes after developing diabetes — claimed Ravet’s company bounced a check to her and sued him for $1.25 million.
Ravet then countersued for $40 million, alleging a breach of contract for failing to do the shows.
In the countersuit, Ravet noted that Deen’s contract required her to provide a “blooper reel” to be shown at her appearances but that they were dismayed to find out it was “laced with expletives and profanities.”
The court battle was settled last week. But when both sides appeared in court yesterday, Ravet told the judge he had not agreed to a part of the settlement that required him to give the bawdy blooper reel back to Deen.
Despite Ravet’s protest, Manhattan federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein declined to let the tour promoter back out of the settlement.
Terms of the deal are confidential, although Ravet said Deen “paid a lot of money.” He wouldn’t specify, but said the sum exceeded the $300,000 he spent on legal fees.
Deen’s camp didn’t respond to requests for comment — but the announcer in the video seems to say it all.
“Ultimately, it was her special way with words,” the narrator intones just before a series of clips shows Dean shouting “bastard,” “f--k” and other curses, “that endeared her to billions.”

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