Renzo Gracie mugger

Legendary MMA trainer and fighter Renzo Gracie says he beat up two would-be muggers who had the
audacity to try and mug him on a Manhattan street.  The best part is Gracie did a play-by-play live tweet of the beatdown on his Twitter account.

Gracie, who has trained top UFC stars including Georges St-Pierre and Frankie Edgar, says he was approached on Thursday night by the two lowlifes on 10th Avenue and 25th Street in New York — not far from his gym.  The two men asked Gracie if he had a cigarette, and when he said no, one of them pounced on him.

"He grabbed me by the arm and reached into my front pocket where my wallet was," Gracie told MMA Junkie. "The other man came from the other side, but it didn't last much longer.  As the first one arrived, I hit him with a left and a right and he fell.  When he fell, the other one took off running."
Gracie, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu master, said he had "a good talk" with the first man and "hit him a couple more times" while he was on the ground.  After the beating, Gracie took the time to snap a picture of the man facedown post it to Twitter with the caption, "My [expletive] hands hurt, hurt like hell." 
Gracie then jumped into his car and chased down the other mugger, whom he found a few blocks away as he was coming back to help his buddy.  The guy must have dropped a brick when he saw Gracie jump out of his car, get him in a choke hold, and hit the perp in both eyes.  
Gracie says he hit the man so hard he looked like "a raccoon."The 45-year-old forefather of MMA last fought in 2010 but has been mulling a comeback.  The New Jersey resident might have just tasted enough blood to get back in the octagon.

"I think it's better than arresting them," Gracie said of his own brand of justice.  "It's a good education process."

It looks like these two morons just got schooled MMA style.