Sherri Shepherd surrogate

Sherri Shepherd joked that Kim Kardashian would be a great surrogate mother for her baby as she revealed she was undergoing fertility treatment.
Comedienne and actress Sherri and reality TV star Kim were both guests on the Tonight Show with
Jay Leno, where the 44-year-old Precious star revealed she and husband, Sal Sally "got some embryos on ice!".
Sherri said: "We're doing fertility right now. And Kim, you say you follow your heart and you want kids, if your uterus is open, I'm looking for one, girl, to carry the child.
"I'll give you some perfume and a free wig for a year, if you want to help me out, girl."
The View host - who is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars with professional partner Val Chmerkovskiy - also apologised to Kim, 31, for criticising her performances when she took part in the celebrity talent show.
Sherri said: "I want to apologise to everybody I ever ragged on, because you don't know how hard it is until you get there.
"So my first public apology - 'I'm so sorry Kim' because I thought it looked so easy and I was like 'Why can't Kim do that dance?!'
"And I apologise to you girl, because it's hard! It really is.
"You were doing it and I loved it. You were shaking your booty - you're my inspiration. Every time I gotta do a booty shake I'm like 'Is it Kim Kardashian-like?!' So you were really my inspiration girl."
Sherri also revealed her partner Val "hurt his back" trying to dip her.