Tara Reid motorcycle

A leopard can truly never change its spots. Troubled actress Tara Reid was videotaped falling onto a motorcycle while being drunk in Tropez last
According to TMZ, the actress, who was “a drunken mess”, and a friend were attempting to walk on a street, when Tara fell onto the park motorcycle sending the bike, the female friend and herself crashing to the ground.
Tara, who spent some time in a rehab facility for her alcohol addiction in 2009, and the friend eventually picked themselves up and stumbled their way to a nearby yacht.
Another actress who is going to die before the age of 40
I wonder who is funding Tara’s European vacations…that child hasn’t worked in years!!
 Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan should take a look at this video because they came close to looking like this on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New York.