Beyoncé exits movie

Beyonce Knowles has long been attached to Clint Eastwood’s remake of musical classic “A Star is Born”. But today’s the day she’s decided to disattach – well, the news that she’s distancing herself from the long-gestating project surfaced today anyway – herself from the project, Variety reports.

Knowles’ excuse for dropping out? “I’m gonna be a baby momma”.
Not a bad one at all!
But pregnancy isn’t the only excuse Knowles is likely using; the fact that Eastwood has struggled to attract a male lead to the project – despite courting such big-timers as Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe – might also have spurred Knowles decision to look for a project more stable (after she delivers her bub, of course).
The remake of the Judy Garland/James Mason film may have already found a female replacement though; Eastwood’s said to be keen on jazz musician Esperanza Spalding.
Let’s hope she’s a patient (and ideally impregnable) young thing.