Lil Wayne deposition

Lil’ Wayne holds his own in a series of video clips from his deposition that TMZ obtained. In fact, he could very well be a successful attorney someday.
As for Pete Ross, the cross-examining attorney, you have to have some sympathy for the guy. Lil’ Wayne is
not easily intimidated — at least in the deposition setting. So, what are your options as the attorney asking the questions? Pull out your best Lt. Kaffee and berate and skewer the witness, causing him crack like Col. Jessup, spilling his guts all over the floor? Lil’ Wayne is uncrackable. (Although Mr. Ross appears unable to Kaffee him.) Get the judge to hold him in contempt and make him sit in the clink for a few days? Pfft. Can you say Rikers Island? In the end, Mr. Ross should have jettisoned all of the “ask-questions-so-they-look-good-in-the-transcript” talk and just had a “regular” conversation with the guy.

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