Lindsay Lohan attacks Dr. Phil

Recent star news reveals that LINDSAY LOHAN slammed DR. PHIL for taking “advantage” of her mom DINA during a recent interview on his talk show.
When Lindsay Lohan’s problematic mom had a sit-down chat with Dr. Phil on his show, many
thought that she had been drinking judging from her uneasiness and the fact that she seemed a little too worried about all the cameras that were pointed at her.
Although the Lohan matriarch later denied being inebriated and explained that she was simply nervous about talking about her life, the cringe-worthy interview—plus Dr. Phil’s constant badgering over Dina’s apparent awkwardness—must have made it a little hard to believe.
This weekend, Lindsay finally spoke on the issue and defended her mother on Twitter, saying:
“@DrPhil You should be ashamed of yourself. [What] kind of man takes advantage of a woman @her most vulnerable state? YOU are the fraud.”