Paris Jackson wig

Will Paris Jackson go the full Miley?
The normally long-haired, 14-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson posted a photo of herself on Instagram over the weekend -- in which she tried out a pixie cut reminiscent of
Miley Cyrus' recently debuted punk pixie cut.

"Okay and what about this one . . . ? Since everyone seems to hate the first one," she captioned the shot of her with short hair. It's unclear if Paris was trying out wigs, styling her own locks or actually got her hair cut.
"That awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing . . ." she tweeted Friday. "If I want to cut my hair and donate it I'd appreciate some support."

On Sunday, Jackson tweeted, "Should I go to school with curly hair tomorrow? You Only Live Once."
After Cyrus, 19, was criticized for chopping off her platinum blonde locks into a pixie cut in mid-August, Jackson rushed to her defense.
"I don't know why people keep hating on Miley's new cut . . . I love it!" she tweeted. "She's being herself and she's being different and I love her for that!"
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