Real housewives of new jersey reunion

 It has been a year since the ladies of The Garden State were all in one room together, but that doesn’t mean time apart healed old wounds! Fans of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been hearing for awhile just how contentious things are between Teresa Giudice and fellow Housewives
Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile.
Part 1 of the reunion show placed a spotlight on the gulf between Tre and the others.
Here are some of the jaw-dropping moments from the special.
Rosie explodes: Kathy’s fun loving sister saw red as she listened off camera to her cousin Tre trash talk her deceased father. The housewives were stunned as they heard Rosie’s angry outburst geared towards Teresa over comments that her father was more involved in Kathy and Rosie’s lives than their own. Melissa whispered to host Andy Cohen that Rosie would kill Teresa for the jab she made. Sure enough, Rosie demanded backstage that someone stop Teresa for the things she said. All the snark and catty comments were forgotten when Rosie yelled she will “cut out” Teresa’s tongue and wasn’t afraid to go to jail for it.
Lauren Manzo’s showdown with Teresa: Caroline’s baby girl flaunted her 35-pound weight loss and discussed her decision to undergo lap band surgery. Things took a nasty turn when Cohen asked Teresa what she thought about Caroline’s parenting skills. At first Tre seemed to praise them, but threw in a dig about the kids not having jobs before starting their own businesses. Tre just didn’t know when to leave things alone… Caroline ripped into her former friend for her diss, but Lauren took over for her mother and lit into her after she stated Mama Manzo had nothing but “blubber,” and needed to get fillers for her face. Lauren pointed out comments such as those are the reasons behind so many suicides in teens and hurled allegations that Teresa doesn’t write her blog for Bravo! Lauren went so far as to insist T spell “napalm” and define it since it was in one of her blogs and stated it was proof she never wrote them since she doesn’t know what the word means.
Jacqueline breaks down discussing her son’s autism: Viewers shed tears as Bravo compiled a montage which involved Jacq’s son Nicholas, who was recently revealed to be diagnosed with autism. An emotional Jacqueline admitted her son isn’t able to tell her he loves her anymore. Tears quickly turned into venom when Teresa remarked that her youngest daughter Audriana and Nicholas were once boyfriend and girlfriend, but they broke up. Caroline jumped to her sister-in-law’s defense and informed Tre the moment wasn’t about her and “your f–king Christmas pageant dress, sit back and shut the f–k up”.
Caroline’s tough love backlash: Viewers of RHONJ have come to love the fiery redhead’s tough talking and no nonsense attitude when it comes to her family and friends. This past season, there was quite a bit of fans who weren’t thrilled by her attitude with her children and blunt talk which involved Teresa. Mama Manzo admitted she was a bit of a bitch — all caused by filming and will work on her behavior.
Melissa’s allegations that Teresa manhandled her at Gia’s birthday: If things weren’t bad enough between the sister-in-laws before, Melissa’s latest claims may just do the trick. The wannabe pop diva claimed Teresa chased after her in the parking lot and grabbed her arm, something the New York Times Bestselling cookbook author declared to be untrue. Will these women ever get along?