Brad, Angelina in England

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have hinted that they very well may get married in the UK. The pair have been notoriously secretive about their wedding plans – but Brad has revealed that Blightly could be a possible location for their nuptials.

Going to the chapel…

It’s been yonks since the pair announced that they would, one day walk up the aisle but they have been dragging their heels for ages. Talking of the wedding earlier this week, Brad confirmed that it was going to happen. It’s just that no-one actually knows when.

“We haven’t set a date yet, though. We are getting a lot of pressure from our kids.”
Too right. It’s time the miniature motley crew took some tips from Hollywood mini diva Suri Cruise.
They could learn a lot from her ‘I want it now’ pout.

The couple and their brood have been staying in the UK for months now, whilst Jolie has been filming her latest blockbuster, Maleficent. They’ve been residing in Richmond upon Thames during their time here and it seems that they may have fallen in love with the leafy trees and green pastures.
When asked at the screening of his new film, Killing Them Softly, the 48-year-old hinted that the UK is a possibility on their list of locations.
“We could do. It has been such an amazing summer here, with all your events – the Jubilee and the Olympics. I’ve watched everything.”
Well we fancy watching your wedding so please do it here.
And why not – we’ve got quaint little churches, beautiful stately homes and glorious weather.
For now that is – if the pair want to get married here they need to get a move on. This sunshine won’t last forever.