CSI star bankruptcy

He may have played leading CSI character Warrick Brown for nine-seasons, but that doesn’t mean the actor’s financial future doesn’t look grim. That’s because sources say 45-year-old
Gary Dourdan has filed for bankruptcy.
Reports reveal Dourdan – who made his on-camera debut back in 1987, as an extra on the set of Eric B & Rakim’s “Move The Crowd” video – has racked up debt totalling over $1.73M with creditors. This while the actor is said to have just under $1.8M worth of assets.
Here’s what’s being reported:
“Former CSI star Gary Dourdan throws in the towel and files for Chapter 11. A large chunk of that debt — $1,689,704 million — is owed to various banks, including Union Bank, which apparently holds the mortgage on his home that may be in default.
As for his assets — $200 cash, $3k in a bank account, $4k in furniture, $200 worth of books, $1,500 in clothes, $500 in watches …and a 2006 Dodge Charger worth $7,000.
Gary says his disposable income is only $321 a month … claiming his bills $14,562 a month eat up just about all of the $14,883 he pulls in on average.
He “anticipates major acting roles in the future … which can help pay off his debt.”
This news comes about three-years after Dourdan’s CSI character was ultimately killed off of the leading CBS series. You may remember back in 2008, Dourdan was bounced from CSI show – and then after that same year’s Coachella, he was caught with a pharmacy of drugs in his car.
He pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and ecstasy and got off with a slap on the wrist. Sources say CSI producers gave Dourdan a second chance, which he messed up. Now, insiders say because the once stand-up Philadelphia native turned Hollywood, got rich, and forgot where he came from – the universe is serving him his karma.
Did Gary Dourdan get busted back in 2010 for riding dirty with OxyContin? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Los Angeles City Attorney Frank Mateljan.