Joe Biden on Parks and Recreation

Sorry, Ben Wyatt: Leslie Knope is about to meet her real dream man.
According to Entertainment Weekly, during Parks and Recreation's November 15 episode, Wyatt (Adam Scott) will bring Knope (Amy Poehler) with him during a visit to the White House, where she'll run into none other than America's newly re-elected VP, Joe Biden.

While other women fantasize about running off with Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt, Pawnee City Councilwoman Knope's celeb crush qualifications are slightly different. The man Knope ends up with will hopefully have "the brains of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden." (Biden also isn't just "on" her "celebrity sex list" -- "He is my celebrity sex list," Knope quipped during season four.)
Executive producer Michael Schur said getting the Veep to agree to a cameo was "so much less difficult than we ever possibly imagined."
It helped that Biden was already familiar with the residents of Pawnee, Indiana.
"His staff really loves the show, and he apparently had watched the show with his family and his family liked it," Shur shared. "The hardest part was keeping it secret for so long, because there's all these FEC rules and equal-time rules. We couldn't air it before the election because it was the equivalent of a campaign contribution to advertise for one candidate."
The Vice President won't be the only D.C. heavyweight Knope has gotten to hang with since her fiance moved to the capital for a job as a congressional campaign manager. Earlier this season, she mingled with Senators Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe and John McCain at a cocktail party.
Still, her meeting with Biden "transcends that," Schur said. "She's meeting the man she's in love with on some deep level. It was a bigger deal to us in some ways than it was that she meet Barack Obama."
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