Lindsay Lohan cancels

Lindsay Lohan can’t catch a break, can she?  Not that the punk’d star doesn’t ask to be in the media spotlight.  ABC has been talking up an upcoming interview between Lindsay Lohan and Barbara Walters on  20/20, but today a rep for ABC confirmed that the interview isn’t going to happen.  Is anyone really surprised?

Rumor has it that Lindsay split ways with her old PR rep two weeks ago, and has since joined up with PR
firm Rogers & Cowan.  Lindsay was supposed to appear on 20/20 to promote her new film, Liz & Dick, however we all know that 99% of the nation doesn’t care about the movie, but those that would tune in are more interested in seeing Lindsay speak on her most recent dramas!
Just last month, Lindsay was involved in a physical altercation with Christian LaBella, stemming from pictures taken at a nightclub.   The argument eventually led to La Bella being charged with assault.  Following that, Lindsay decided she hadn’t had enough drama, and decided a fight with her mom would be her next best course of action.  While fighting with her mom, she called her media-starved father, screaming that Dina was on coke.  She later retracted that statement.
Then the intervention.  Yes, ANOTHER intervention for Lindsay, which ended with a 911 call.
Most recently, she has been involved in TWO auto accidents.  I don’t know about you, but this girl goes through more cars than I go through underwear!  Her first incident involved clipping a guy with her car-which she ended up getting away with, and another incident which originally took place this summer, involving her Porsche, some pills, and an 18 wheeler.  This event has seemed to come back to bite her, since she supposedly lied to police.
So, obviously, her PR team is trying to save her from having to dish about her personal life on camera.  Or, maybe they’re clearing her schedule for another rehab stint?