Lindsay Lohan limo

Lindsay Lohan is being sued, again, because it’s a day ending in ‘y’ and she’s got $410,000 in crumpled coke-singles left after buying the same car as Samantha Ronson. E! Online reports that Lohan is being sued over an unpaid bill for limo service. Lohan’s rep sounds out of the loop (he never knows anything): ‘Lindsay has not been served with any lawsuit, and we cannot comment on a lawsuit we have not yet seen.’ Okay, so it’s imminent. The accuser says the charges were racked up in 2009: ‘Attorney Laurie Rau of Chavos & Rau
PLC has confirmed to E! News that Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services filed suit against Lohan and Tri-Star Entertainment in Orange County Superior Court for extensive unpaid services, including chauffeured transportation and private security in California and beyond. Elite company has made efforts for months to contact Lohan to resolve the issue, but did not receive a response from the actress or Tri-Star, who owe Elite roughly $100,000, according to Rau. If she hasn’t received the papers yet, she should be getting them any time now, the lawyer added. And just how did Lohan spend that much on rides? Per the suit, Lohan booked limos for her friends and family and used the service herself between February 2009 and May 2009. With a rate that reached as much as $6,000 per hour, including bodyguards, Lohan allegedly racked up $33,978 in unpaid charges. Her tab comes to $90,585.79, including penalties and late fees.’