Liz Lemon wedding

After six years of "30 Rock," it's finally happening. Liz Lemon's big wedding day will be in two weeks and to share the happy day, NBC has cordially invited its fans to gather around their televisions on November 29th, 8/7 central to see the whole thing go down.

A slightly unhinged TV producer Liz Lemon, played by the beautiful, talented, and hilarious Tina Fey, has
never been lucky in love and has grown quite fond of her identity as a perennial bachelorette... until she finally meets a young organic gourmet hot-dog truck entrepreneur Criss Chross, played by James Marsden. They say that food is the key to a man's heart. Not surprisingly, this applies for our Liz too.
Created by Tina Fey, "30 Rock"  is NBC's hit comedy TV series revolving around the life and career of producer Liz Lemon. As the show matured, a recurring theme had always been her trials and tribulations at love.
Earlier this afternoon, NBC first revealed the big news via Twitter to the delight, and to the apprehension, of fans. How does NBC feel? We're not sure. It's somewhere between "WHAT THE WHAT?!" and "She's 42. Whatever. It's no big whoop."