Missing girl dragged by hair

A missing girl dragged by the hair during an altercation Monday night has not

been found despite an intensive police search on Nov. 13, 2012. The unidentified

teen was spotted by witnesses in the downtown Los Angeles area while she argued

with another individual, a male believed to be 16-18 years of age, at approximately
8 p.m. at the El Sereno Recreation Center in the 4900 block of Klamath Street.

Witnesses saw the male drag the girl by her hair after striking her in the face. After

dragging her into the brush, the assailant pulled off articles of the girl’s clothing,

witnesses told police. Leggings, a shirt and tennis shoes were found at the scene,

lending credence to the witnesses’ statements.

ABC Local posted a description of the male who was seen dragging the missing girl

by the hair. “The suspect was described as a Hispanic male between 18 and 20 years

old, 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds with clean-cut dark hair. He was wearing a

gray shirt and blue jeans.”

At nightfall, police abandoned the search for the missing girl dragged by her hair.

However, they searched a 350-acre area on foot and on horseback prior to calling

off the search. Officers used helicopters and bloodhounds to aid them in their

search, reported Washington Post. They found nothing beyond a few articles of

clothing believed to belong to the victim.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said that he was pleased the search failed

to turn up the missing girl dragged by her hair. “My hope is that this was a dispute

that was resolved in some way, but we don’t know that, and we have to treat every-

thing like it’s the real deal,” he said.