NFL replay rule change's Peter King reported Thursday that the NFL is "very likely" to overturn the rule, and now we're learning it might happen sooner rather than later.
ESPN's Ed Werder reported Friday that Ray Anderson, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations, said the league's competition committee will meet to discuss the replay rule in the "next
few days." If a change is made, it could be in-season, but the competition committee would have to recommend it to league ownership.
Anderson also released a statement to The Associated Press, in which he said: "Not being able to review a play in this situation may be too harsh, and an unintended consequence of trying to prevent coaches from throwing their challenge flag for strategic purposes in situations that are not subject to a coaches' challenge."
Taking swift action here essentially is an admission that the rule, adopted in 2011, was ill-conceived and brutally flawed, but the league will be applauded if it's overturned, effective immediately. Schwartz deserved the 15-yard penalty. The bogus touchdown and goat horns? Not so much.