Paulina Rubio beating

Mexican singer, Paulina Rubio is being accused of violently beating her personal assistant because she had to ride coach to travel to Mexico, TMZ reports. The alleged victim of Rubio's violent attack is Felipe Restrepo Betancur, who had only worked for Rubio since this summer. However, a recent statement by Paulina Rubio's lawyer says what she is being accused of is absolutely false.

"Incredibly, Mr. Restrepo has concocted a fable about being beaten by a woman half his size," the lawyer states.
Rubio's lawyer claims that the ex-personal assistant is actually an "incompetent drunk," TMZ reports. Restrepo's allegations regarding Rubio are "the subject of fantasy and make believe," the statement claims.
"Notably absent from this entire story is any reference that this 'beating and humiliation' was documented or observed by anyone on the flight," the statement continues.
Restrepo filed a lawsuit against Rubio, claiming that she punched, slapped, kicked, and even hit him with objects, leaving him with serious injuries, according to TMZ. He claims to have quit his job with Rubio and is now asking to settle the lawsuit with $250,000.
Rubio and her lawyers are also reportedly filing a lawsuit against Restrepo for breaching his confidentiality agreement.
This is not the first time Rubio is accused of having a bad temper. She was cuffed just last year for allegedly getting into a verbal fight with police in Florida.