Star Trek footage

Today it was announced that J.J Abram’s next Star Trek installment will be getting the The Dark Knight Rises treatment by having a special 9 minute preview attached to the biggest movie of the Winter season namely The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
This preview is essentially the first 9 minutes of the new film and will be attached to special IMAX 3D showings of The Hobbit in about 500 theatres come December 14.  This is excellent news and shows that Paramount is more than serious as well as confident that the new film will meet or exceed expectations of the original.

At the same time it is safe to expect that the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer should be arriving soon considering the first 9 minutes will soon be available to watch either in cinemas or inevitably on some bootlegged copy online.  The only thing now is for moviegoers to figure out exactly which IMAX 3D cinema will be showing the footage as I expect Star Trek fans will be out in droves opening night for an opportunity to watch the preview far in advance of its May 2013 release date.  If the footage is as good as Paramount is making it out to be than we’ll have to revisit box office predictions soon enough considering next May is a veritable mine field of big releases.

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