Stranger picks up family's $211 bill

Stranger Picks Up Family’s $211 Wal-Mart Christmas Bill, Here’s a last bit of Christmas cheer to take you into 2013. Ruby Modlin was standing in line at an Altoona, Iowa, Wal-Mart when a fellow shopper jumped in line to pay her $211 Christmas grocery bill, swiping his credit card before she could stop him.
The anonymous man pointed out his waiting wife and daughter and said they’d been scanning for a
beneficiary and “picked” Modlin. They then walked away, leaving Modlin and her family in tears: “We were too busy crying, and the register people were smiling.”
Ruby Modlin was grocery shopping at the Walmart with her family Friday night, picking up items to make cookies and other holiday food with her grandchildren when she noticed a man following her around the store.
“I kept noticing this man, and I’d smile at him,” Modlin said.
Modlin thought maybe she graduated from high school with the man, but when she got to the checkout counter and her husband was about to pay, the man stepped in front of her to swipe his credit card.
“I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘I’m paying for this.’ I said, ‘No, you’re not.’ He said, ‘Yes, I am,’” Modlin said.
The man paid, and then handed her the receipt for $211, saying, “Merry Christmas!”
“He said, ‘That’s my daughter and wife over there. We just wanted to come out and do something nice for somebody, and we picked you guys,’” Modlin said.