Bo Obama

In a video post on YouTube, an adorable, all white Golden Doodle named Ramona asked for Bo's paw in marriage. The video, which features the two year old Golden Doodle going to great extends to offer the First Dog a marriage proposal, and has since gone viral.
It was reportedly created by the Oregon Humane Society as part of their fundraising efforts for animal shelters. The shelter has held a huge fundraising drive for the past 25 years and is looking to raise $450,000 for animal shelters this year. The event attracts thousands of dogs and their owners to Portland, and according to some sources, this year could be the biggest yet.

At the start of the web video, Ramona is seen dreaming about becoming the "First Dog Lady." Then she recalls that she doesn't have a date for Doggie Dash. That's when she reaches out to Bo via social media networking. However, Bo Obama does not respond, so Ramona looks to use a telephone to connect with the First Dog.
That's when we see Ramona thinking, "What do you mean he doesn't have a cell phone?"
In her last attempt, Ramona sends a "paw-written" invitation to Bo Obama with pink hearts decorating the invite.
Whether or not Bo Obama will accept Ramona's request is yet to be seen.