Giuliani LifeLock

Some say it’s an example of how the mighty have fallen, to see Rudy Giuliani descending into the abyss of infomercials.
“America’s mayor” is now shilling for a troubled ID theft prevention firm, LifeLock, and many are asking if Rudy Giuliani really needs the money?

The two-term Republican mayor pulled the country together during its darkest days following the September 11th attacks and is now working the overnight infomercial circuit for LifeLock, right up there with Sham
Wow paper towels, George Forman’s Green and Clean and those Forever Lazy pajamas.
“When the sheriff of the world says ‘pay attention’ folks pay attention,” Hank Sheinkopf, a political strategist, told PIX 11. “The problem is it’s a company with a product that may or may not work. But Giuliani doing infomercials? Kind of takes the sheriff label away don’t you think?”
LifeLock’s been in more than a bit of trouble, getting slapped with a $12 million fine after the Feds said they didn’t provide identity security or refunds.  Also, Lifelock’s CEO gave out his social security number to show confidence and then had his own identity stolen several times.
“I think it’s undignified for him,” Linda Mann, a village resident told PIX 11. “For him to stoop to this. It’s something you’d see at 3 a.m., I don’t think it’s a good idea. It demeans his legacy,” Ms. Mann added.
And as many point out, it’s not as if the two term mayor needs the money. Giuliani reportedly is guaranteed more than $1 million a year as a partner in his law firm, Bracewell and Guiliani.  He also has his own consulting company, Giuliani partners, plus he still gets paid last speaker fees.
“I think it’s kind of sad cause he was America’s mayor and someone who aspired to be president doing commercials,” Kevin Dougherty, also a village resident, said. ” You have to wonder why.”
Rudy Giuliani was traveling out of state and was not available for comment. An assistant at Giuliani Partners said he is working with LifeLock because identity theft is a huge problem. He would not disclose how much he is being paid for the infomercial.

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