Odom falls asleep

The 6-foot-10 hoopster’s legs dangled well over the short, second-floor wooden bench. His impromptu nap drew the attention of a Manhattan court officer.
“Excuse me, are you OK?” the officer asked Odom. After the player said he was fine, the officer
said: “I need you to sit up.”Odom complied but slumped over, resting his head on his hand.

Wow… Odom and former long-time girlfriend Liza Morales are fighting over custody of their daughter Destiny, 9, and son Lamar Jr., 5.
 In a recent column published on Tuesday at The Daily Beast, Morales laments the fact that Odom refused to propose to her in spite of the ex-couple’s decade-long pairing. Odom, and I’m very sorry for bringing this up, is currently married to [insert eventual profession here] Khloe Kardashian; and Morales was not pleased with the couple’s quick courtship and immediate jump into marriage.