Giant floating head found

Giant floating head found in Hudson river

According to Fox News on April 25, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. this week, the captain of the Marist College rowing team found a giant head floating close to the west bank of the Hudson River when the crew was out practicing. The rowers roped the head and towed it to their dock on the east side of the river.
The head is approximately 7 feet in height. Its core is of Styrofoam and its exterior is of fiberglass. The exterior is somewhat battered and the head's nose is missing. In appearance it is somewhat like that of a Green or Roman statue.
An article from the Pooghkeepsie Journal reported that the giant floating head was removed from the river on Monday.
The current popular theory is that the head is a stage prop.
The head men's crew coach at Marist, Matt Lavin, said that at first the head seemed like "something out of a post-apocalyptic movie."
For now, the head is being kept at the college's boat house.
If you are missing your head and think this might be yours, call Matt Lavin at 201-675-0902.