Tharold Simon arrest

 Tharold Simon arrest thursday

Mike Garafolo, USA TODAY Sports
LSU cornerback Tharold Simon was arrested Thursday evening on charges of threatening a police officer, public intimidation and noise violation in Eunice, La., one day before he was projected to be selected in the NFL draft and to be honored by the city on "Tharold Simon Day."
Eunice Police and Simon's agent, Peter Schaffer, confirmed the arrest and charges to USA TODAY Sports. Simon was released on $11,000 bond Friday morning, Eunice Police said.
Schaffer issued a strongly-worded statement in which he claimed his client did nothing illegal and will pursue civil action in reply to the charges.
According to, citing the police report, an officer asked Simon to move his car because it was blocking a street and Simon responded by telling the officer, "I own Eunice" and "I'm gonna buy these projects and you're gonna be mine."
The report states Simon then turned his radio up and backed the vehicle up "in an aggressive manner," Simon telling the officer he'd be fired if he wrote him a ticket because Eunice mayor Rusty Moody was on his side.
Moody told Friday's "Tharold Simon Day" ceremonies will continue as planned because "in the United States, our justice system says everyone is innocent until proven guilty."
Eunice Police have yet to reply to USA TODAY Sports' request for a copy of the police report. A message seeking comment on the situation and Friday's ceremony was left at Moody's office.
Schaffer said Simon was visiting his grandmother at the time of the incident.
"I've thoroughly investigated this matter including getting statements from almost 30 witnesses who will corroborate complete story that he did absolutely nothing wrong and he acted with total class, peacefulness and dignity," Schaffer said. "The police officer was way out of bounds and had absolutely no reason to arrest or interact with Mr. Simon. We will be filing an immediate civil action against the officer and the Eunice Police Department for harassment and civil-rights violations for the activity last night.
"I'm appalled at their behavior, which would denigrate the name of such a quality individual."
Simon had four interceptions last season for the Tigers. He was suspended for a game in October 2011 along with Tyrann Mathieu for failing a drug test, according to multiple media outlets.