$22K ring down toilet

$22K ring down toilet, A $22k ring just went down the toilet and was actually able to be found. On May 11, "Today" show talked about this ring in a new video. This video clip aired on the popular television show.

The woman went to the restroom wearing her jewelry. She accidentally flushed the $22k ring in the toilet. After a couple of days, they were able to find it after going through all of the waste and everything.

It might have been an automatic flusher, but they are not sure. The reporter talked about how she once dropped her ID into the toilet at work and the automatic flusher went off before she had time to get it back out.

You would not want to be the person who had to dig through all of the waste to find the ring worth $22K but she is very lucky that she found it. This will remind you to be more careful in the future when you are using the restroom wearing expensive jewelry.