Chris Brown hit-and-run

Chris Brown hit-and-run, Chris Brown is being investigated by the LAPD which may yield a probation violation that could land him in prison according to
The tabloid website is reporting that Brown's minor car accident earlier this week is now "a full-blown hit-and-run investigation."

Brown reportedly refused to give the driver he rear-ended his driver's license, and he also gave the person he hit incorrect insurance information according to TMZ.

TMZ also reports that Chris "copped an attitude" when he was asked for his ID, and then refused to give his driver's license up for information exhcange purposes after the accident.
Brown is on probation for the Rihanna beating, and one of the conditions is that he obey all laws.  If there's probable cause to believe he broke the law by leaving the scene without fully disclosing information required by law, his probation could be violated and Chris could go to prison for up to 4 years.