Daughter evicting

Daughter evicting, Wow, read the full details at link below. It’s sad. There’s been some past dispute between John Potter and his daughter Janice Cottrill over the deed to the Ohio property.
A 91-year-old man wants to stop his daughter from evicting him from the home he built 56 years ago in Zaleski, Ohio, a small community south of Columbus.
In 2004, John Potter and his wife, who has since died, gave the general power of attorney to his daughter for future matters if they declined in health, including to take care of her autistic adult brother, now 63.But unbeknownst to Potter, his daughter Janice Cottrill eventually used that power to convey the deed to the one-story home to herself. In 2010, Potter said he learned of the deed transfer and switched power of attorney to his granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, now 35.

via 91-Year-Old Man Raises Money to Prevent Eviction by Daughter