How kelly Osbourne lost 50 pounds

How kelly Osbourne lost 50 pounds, Kelly Osbourne lost 20 pounds while filming Dancing With The Stars, another 30 pounds after the show, making that a total of 50 pounds lost since her weight loss journey began.
Check out Kelly’s realistic approach to weight loss.

Emotional Eating
Kelly Osbourne faced drug addictions in the past, and when she cleaned up her life, she ended replacing drugs with food.
When people get upset or overly stressed, a common “solution” is eating. Emotional eating is a big reason why people gain weight, and once recognized, can be resolved.
When Kelly was on Dancing With The Stars, she realized she needed to change her diet so she can have the energy she needed to rehearse the dance moves for the show.
“The three things I did to really change my diet were: Start eating breakfast, drink water instead of soda, and always have a snack in the evening.” -Kelly Osbourne
Find the Exercises you enjoy
Just from making healthy changes to her diet mixed in with dancing, Kelly lost 20 pounds. So when the show was over, she knew she needed to do something to keep the momentum.
Kelly began taking long hikes several times a week, and soon started going to the gym. She found that she enjoys group exercise classes with her friends, and discovered Plyometrics. She says it’s a “killer” workout, but it’s worth it since she is seeing the results.
Since combining a healthier diet with her regular exercise, Kelly lost another 30 pounds, and is quite happy with her size 2 figure.
Weight loss: Permanent or Temporary?
When you lose weight, do you ever wonder if it is going to be permanent or temporary? You don’t have to wonder anymore!
Make sure that you maintain the healthy lifestyle you have created for yourself when you were trying to lose weight.
“It was never just about the weight loss.” – Kelly Osbourne
I love that Kelly Osbourne said that she isn’t dieting. She eats a healthy breakfasts, exercises daily, and avoids soda and candy. Kelly still allows herself to enjoy an occasional pizza or cookie, but doesn’t overdo it.