Josh Peck Weight Loss

Josh Peck Weight Loss, oshua Michael Peck. We know him as Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh. The pudgy teen that graced our screen in the sitcom has come a long way. We call it the Josh Peck Weight Loss transformation
About the current Josh Peck

At 25, he is no longer the “big boy” he was as a teen, and it’s been said that towards the last season of the popular sitcom, he had lost close on 100 pounds. How did he do this? Well, being an actor, he got himself a personal trainer, who worked closely with him and also changed his diet, and above all, made sure that Josh stuck with it. We’ll get to more detail of the Josh Peck Weight Loss plan later.

How did it all start for Josh?

I guess, there are many actors that can relate to Josh’s story, but for Josh being this young, and having everyone watching the sitcom go through his life altering change on screen, he’s become an actor that many kids look up to. Josh Peck’s weight loss was the reason many overweight kids made a bigger effort to lose weight, saying that if Josh could do it, then so could they. I think it would be a high point in one’s career to have their audience following what they have accomplished, especially something as monumental and important as losing weight in a time where obesity seems to be the norm with kids. Josh’s magically weight loss transformation can be seen below:

Having that kind of impact on a young life can be a good thing, helping them develop healthy eating habits and helping them lose the weight, but at the same time, teaching them to be true to themselves and not changing, once they have lost the weight they’ve wanted to for so long. Weight loss is character building, if you think of it. How many actors/comedians etc. have changed since they have lost weight or undergone a significant change in their lives? Sometimes it can be for the better, but sometimes it’s for the worst, and that would make or break any kind of career, not just acting. And Josh Peck weight loss story certainly seems to have had that affect form him.

How Josh went about losing SO much weight

Josh and his trainer set weight loss goals and stuck to them, no matter what, and I am pretty sure there were many rewards tossed into the mix for getting to a certain goal weight. I mean we all do that right? Spoiling ourselves when we reach the first goal, and making the rewards even better the more weight we lose. As I said, Josh is 25 now, and he has already had a really great career playing roles in movies like Snow Day, Mean Creek, American Primitive, and has almost always been cast as the pudgy funny kid before the Josh Peck weight loss transformation. Who knows what will become of him after Josh Peck’s dramatic weight loss, all I can say is that it could only get bigger and better for this Ice Age and sitcom star. He’s still the same Josh he was when he first burst onto the screen, just a healthier version ready to take on the silver screen. Someone we can all draw some inspiration from and not just kids watching what used to be the pudgy teen in a sitcom. My hat goes off to him and the effort it took to transform himself through the Josh Peck weight loss transformation.