Man Destroys $423,000 Maserati

Man Destroys $423,000 Maserati, Rather than paying his bill and moving on with life, he and his friend put on a display in the city of Qingdao today by smashing the windshield and side view mirrors with a sledgehammer, creating huge dents in his doors, as well.

The man may have had a legitimate gripe: his dealership made the repairs with used parts on his car, which he purchased in September 2011.

That’s good logic, right? Destroy your nearly half-million dollar car in protest of the way they fixed said nearly half-million dollar car. That’s how you get back at them!

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened in China, let alone Qingdao, as a man destroyed his Lamborghini in a similar fashion two years ago.

This guy will probably wake up tomorrow and regret everything. Either that, or he’s really about that life. We’re just sorry for the poor Maserati.