Rodman Jenner sisters

Rodman Jenner sisters, Dennis Rodman has been everywhere lately, even North Korea, and he made another reality show type appearance over the weekend, as the former NBA star crashed an appearance by Kendall and Kylie Jenner at a PacSun store.

According to Yahoo, Kendall and Kylie were doing an appearance at a mall in California to debut a collection of summer clothes when Rodman made an appearance there. The two looked surprised and
took a picture with him and Rodman showed that even he can still surprise people after making a trip to North Korea.
Kendall and Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian is pregnant with spawn of Kanye West and the two sisters have started to go out on their own with clothing and other avenues, just like their big sister, although no work on a sex tape though. The two have become big names in fashion and boast a heavy social media presence as well as in modeling. Rodman was there but no word on if he bought anything.

Rodman is planning a return trip to North Korea and he recently scolded President Obama for his relations with the country.