Shane Victorino Collision

Shane Victorino Collision, Spring training games generally don’t mean much by themselves, but today’s contest between the Phillies and Red Sox had the Phillies’ full attention for both good and bad reasons. The good: they won 4-1 (though that barely mattered), and Roy Halladay pitched an outstanding and unusually-long-for-spring-training 7 2/3 innings (that certainly matters).
The bad: outfielder Shane Victorino had to leave the game in the fifth inning after colliding with teammate Raul Ibanez in the outfield. It didn’t look pretty:
…and Victorino remained on the ground for a while. Fortunately for the Phillies, he only suffered a bruised left eye and sore jaw, and ever the jovial sort, was even smiling after he got up. He also said after the game he felt “good” and didn’t have a headache, but he’ll get tested for a concussion because you can’t be too careful.
While of course Victorino getting hurt at all isn’t ideal, the fact that he only appears slightly the worse for wear is a small victory in itself. Combine that with Halladay’s dominance, and there’s still much reason to fear the Phils.