Woman Kicked Off Southwest Airplane For Crying

Woman kicked off Southwest airplane for crying, Southwest Airlines response +  verbal altercation with flight attendant- Woman Crying About Father's Heart Attack Removed From Southwest Flight. Two sisters flying to visit their father who recently suffered a heart attack were allegedly kicked off a Southwest flight after one began to cry.
Ricci Wheatley and Robin Opperman were on a Dallas-bound flight from Oakland Wednesday, when Wheatley became anxious because she is afraid of flying.

"I broke down and started to cry and I'm a little bit afraid to fly, so I said to the stewardess as she was passing, 'When you're going to be serving, I'll have a glass of wine,' Wheatley told ABC 7 San Francisco.

The flight attendant told Wheatley she'd had enough, even though Wheatley hadn't had any wine on the plane.

According to Opperman, Wheatley was crying softly as to not disturb her fellow passengers.

After the "misunderstanding" with the flight attendant, the sisters say they were removed from the flight.

Southwest didn't comment on the situation, but did pay for a hotel room and meal that night as well as re-book them to Dallas on Thursday.