Jenner divorce rumors

Kris Jenner, the controversial matriarch of the clan from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is always dealing with some sort of crazy rumors surrounding her family. While she doesn’t always comment about the gossip, Kris wants to set the record straight this time about all the divorce rumors that have been buzzing around.

Despite a story recently published by The National Enquirer, which claims that Kris and Bruce Jenner are divorcing, Kris Jenner recently spoke out to explain that the rumor is absolutely not true. Jenner spoke to E! News recently and explained: “These kind of stories have been circulating for the last couple of years. We’re absolutely not filing for divorce. Everything is great. We feel very blessed as a family,” adding: “If we had to chase down and comment on every rumor we’d be working overtime.”
While we all figured that it was nothing more than a bogus story (as the tabloid is known for), certainly the Kardashian clan must get sick of dealing with rumors, right? Actually, according to Kris, she says most of the time, they simply joke about the rumors and gossip. “We just laugh it off. We love each other and just laugh about it,” Jenner explained.
Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping that Bruce and Kris Jenner were headed for divorce, but it doesn’t appear to be in their future….yet, anyway!

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