Lohan to be charged

As trouble continues to find a beaten path to actress Lindsay Lohan’s door, her latest run-in with the wrong side of the law proves that the star continues her collision course toward the possibility of more jail time.
According to the latest reports, Lohan is to be charged with a misdemeanor – possibly this week – for allegedly lying to cops about an accident she had in Santa Monica, California last June.

Although the Santa Monica Police declined to confirm the report this week, it was noted that the Mean Girls actress was behind the wheel when she rear-ended the truck and totaled her two-door loaner Porsche Carerra on the Pacific Coast Highway.
According to an account given by the truck driver of the 18-wheeler, Lohan jumped out of the wrecked car and climbed into another vehicle while one of her associates offered money to keep the accident out of the grasp of media outlets. The truck driver reportedly called 911 because he feared Lohan and her pals would flee.
If convicted of lying to police about the incident involving the 18-wheeler, Lohan could face serious consequences; Lohan is still on criminal probation for swiping a diamond necklace.
So what are your thoughts about Lohan’s latest legal woe? Do you feel sorry for her or is she getting what she deserves? Check out video about the car accident below!