Puck from 'Real World' jailed

It seems that Puck from Real World San Francisco has not gotten any smarter since his season aired and he is still the ass that got kicked out of the house. He may have gotten kicked out of the Real World San Francisco house, but he was sent to a whole new house: the big house! Puck from Real World was sent to prison for stalking a woman last winter, according to TMZ.
David “Puck” Rainey came to fame when he appeared on the Real World San Francisco season back in 1994. He was known for being an asshole and was the second ever cast member to be kicked out of the Real World house. He had a very touchy relationship with HIV-positive cast member Pedro Zamora. He was rude and arrogant and it seems almost 20 years later he hasn’t changed. Puck doesn’t listen to the rules and because of that he will be spending two years in prison!