Rex Ryan most overrated

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been voted as the head coach that most NFL players want to play for the past few seasons, but now he's joining some of his players in the ranks of the overrated. Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez were already voted in the top two of the most overrated players list, and now Rex Ryan finished first on the list of most overrated coaches in the NFL. The Jets have also landed some players on the
most overpaid list compiled by Forbes, whether right or wrong. While the Jets have played inconsistently all season, they have consistently earned some dubious distinctions.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been voted the most overrated NFL coach by player polled by the Sporting News. Rex Ryan is also the head coach that most players have said they want to play for in previous polls, an example of how polarizing Rex Ryan can be – either you love him or you hate him.
As pointed out by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, it was a rather small sample size with just 103 players polled. Of those players, 35 chose Rex Ryan. The second place finisher was New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick with 16 votes, followed by Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles who was picked by nine players.
As we discussed with the voting of Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez as the most overrated players, this could also be a case of the person players think gets too much attention. Is Rex Ryan really overrated as a head coach? He's had a pretty successful run for his first head coaching job and turned around a team very quickly. Sitting at 3-5 this season, this would be his first losing season as a head coach. It could just be a matter of Rex Ryan always being in the media spotlight and being the first name to come to mind.

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